About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The Brazilian Journal of Education, Technology and Society (BRAJETS) is an Online and Open Access Scientific Periodic that aims to promote/disseminate high-quality academic, theoretical and scientific discussions with solid methodology on emerging topics of Education, Technology and Society fields, in a multidisciplinary perspective.

The Journal's scope is to publish original research papers containing empirical contributions to knowledge in the main fields including cross-cultural and cross-national studies. The BRAJETS has a continuous flow of submission with quarterly publications (March, June, September, and December).

The BRAJETS aims and mission:

(A) Sensitize students and professionals about emerging technical-scientific topics in Education, Technology, and Society fields;

(B) Enable exchange between educational and research institutions through special editions and diverse scientific collaborations;

(C) Promote the dissemination of the multi and interdisciplinary approach;

(D) To serve as a vehicle for continuing and permanent education, publishing original articles and enhancing perspectives, debates, and discussions on topics in today's society;

(E) Build a form of communication space to disseminate research, debates, theories and critical methods in the fields of Education, Technology, and Society; and

(F) Support and promote, whenever possible, technical-scientific conferences/seminars that may result in significant publications for the BRAJETS, provided that there is the direct participation of the editorial board of the journal and that there is a responsible scientific committee.

The manuscripts submitted must be unpublished and intended exclusively for the BRAJETS. The contributions can be submitted in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish. Relevant themes aggregated in specific collections in the fields covered by the journal can be published in Special Editions.

The original manuscripts submitted to the BRAJETS must comply with its Editorial Policy. The ethical criteria of the research must be respected and documented in supplementary material, if necessary. The concepts and opinions expressed in the articles, as well as the accuracy and source of the citations, are the responsibility of the author(s).

Peer Review Process

All papers submitted for evaluation must be original and should not be under review in any other publication. Articles should be in accordance with the objectives proposed by the journal.

All papers submitted for evaluation of BRAJETS are evaluated firstly by the Editor. If accepted, they are evaluated by the Scientific Board or ad hoc, in the double-blind review process.

A copy of the reviewers' comments is sent to the authors. If approved, the article goes through editorial advice, spelling and grammar review.

The estimated timeframe for the evaluation process is four to five months.

Open Access Policy

The BRAJETS follows the policy for Open Access Journals, offering immediate and free access to its content, following the principle that making scientific knowledge freely available to the public provides more international democratization of knowledge. No fees apply to the author(s), reader(s), reviewer(s), whether to submission, evaluation, publication, viewing or downloading of articles. In addition, the BRAJETS follows the Creative Commons License (CC BY) allowing any disclosure of the article, as long as the original article is referenced. Therefore, no fees apply, whether for submission, evaluation, publication, viewing or downloading of articles.


  • TECSI Laboratório de Tecnologia e Sistemas de Informação - FEA/USP