• Maryam Mansoury Jam York University, Toronto Canada
  • Farideh Dokanehei Fard Islamic Azad University



Perceived parenting styles, Alexithymia, emotional schemas


The purpose of this research is to investigate the perceived styles of parents on alexithymia with the mediating role of emotional schemas in married people with migraine. In terms of practical purpose, the current research is a descriptive-correlation with structural equations. The statistical population includes all married men and women in Tehran who referred for migraine treatment to hospitals in 2022, the number of whom is 440. Therefore, with the help of Cochran's formula, 208 people were selected and the questionnaire was distributed among them in a convenient and simple random method. Cronbach's alpha coefficient was used to determine the validity of the questionnaire using the method of content validity and reliability of the questionnaire. Finally, the coefficients showed that the data collection tool has high reliability. In order to check the validity of the questionnaire, confirmatory factor analysis and in order to check the research hypotheses from structural equation modeling, the structural equation modeling (SEM) method was used with the help of SmartPLS 3 software. Conclusion: In the end, all research hypotheses have been confirmed and suggestions and solutions have been presented to improve the physical and mental states of families and the perceived styles of parents.


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