Paulo Alexandre de Castro, Victor F. A. Barros, Marcos Fernandes-Sobrinho, Adriana dos Santos Prado Sadoyama


This special issue of the Brazilian Journal of Education, Technology and Society (BRAJETS), in partnership with the 7th Ibero-American Congress on Qualitative Research (CIAIQ2018), focuses on “Qualitative Research, methodological diversity and use of software: challenges, possibilities and potentialities†that permeates the content of the seven articles in the extended versions of selected papers and invited by the CIAIQ2018 scientific committee/organizer, to compose this special issue. The partnership between CIAIQ and BRAJETS seeks to promote and disseminate qualitative research to the scientific community in the target areas of the Journal: education, technology, medicine, society and the internationalization of postgraduate programs. In order to provide quality and representativeness of the articles published in this journal, we made sure that they all go through a double-blind review process, through a careful analysis of a scientific committee composed of experienced, qualified and highly active researchers in their respective areas of expertise. In view of the above, we invite all to enjoy a good reading of this special issue, and that it can contribute with inspirations and ideas for the writing and execution; whether of research or future work.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14571/brajets.v12.n3.227-235

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