News of the Poetry: A Case of Transposition of Textual Genres in Integrated Technical Course in Buildings

Rita Rodrigues Souza, Márcia Franco Assis


This paper presents the results of the research project entitled Building up knowledge: news to poetry. The study undertaken and the data presented corroborate the idea that the transposition of one textual genre to another promotes the ability of students to assimilate the meaning of the word, use it creatively and master in safety, the structure of certain textual genre. Throughout this paper, we seek to then reflect on the activities of reading and writing in the classroom, emphasizing the importance of theoretical knowledge about text genres and text output for the organization of a conscious didactic. And thus make better interventions in the teaching-learning, which characterizes the research method called action research, as Thiollent (2002) and Gressler (2003). Data analysis was thus based on a quantitative-qualitative approach based on Serrano (1994), Larsen-Freeman and Long (1994), in studies of Passion (1991) on poetry, the theoretical construct about gender, founded by Bakhtin ([1979]2000), discussed and applied to the teaching of
Portuguese language in the context of school, by Bonini (2002) and Marcuschi (1996) and others who deal in general about working with the genres in school as Cassany (2008), Brazil (2006 , 1999), Paulino et al (2001) and Antunes (2003). The results provide the opportunity to experience the particularities of teaching reading and writing in the Technical Course on Building Integrated and realize the
difficulties presented by students and teachers to the challenges set.


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