Gleuter Alves Guimarães


This article presents a research project of a student of the program of Professional Master degree in Arts at Federal University of Uberlandia – MG. This project has been developed at E. E. Dom José Gaspar, high school in Araxá. The school has a element of value agregation, of intelectual and cultural development of the student. The school spaces can be transformed in unique or changeable of dissemination of culture in the city. A space where the culture can and should be worked in way that gives to the student a healthy development and it can awake his abilities to express himself and dissiminates his ideas through the art. theater gives to the student in his academic life some development of his physical, psico, affetive and social life. Theater allows the student to acess literary texts of various gender and he can also know brasilian dramaturgy and art out of the media context presented by the comunication mass means. It is a way to allow the high school student an artistic experience though a participation in the construction of theatrical and literary texts through reading, performing, dialoging with it or singing it. the development of the research is done with portuguese teacher in order to offer workshops of theater and dramatic reading so the student can find pleasure in reading and performing lines and characters. This integration strongs up an interdisciplinary net in school and allows the student to relate himself with art and live experiences which connect one another. Thus, the objective of this research is the show them a vision that goes further frm the classroom, to give them experience and a knowledge about art and to participate of a literary performing through the theater. Therefore, in this transforming space which is and should be the school, art plots the formation of the student who develop themselves completly through body pratics, performing and expression arts.


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