CAPES Periodical Portal: the Importance of Scientific Research in Initiation Science

Victor Freitas de Azeredo Barros, Maria Aparecida Rodrigues de Souza, Simone Silva Machado


Launched in November 2000, the Portal of Journals of CAPES is a conquest of community Brazilian academic-scientific. Answers to a group of more than 300 institutions, among public and private institutions of higher education, research institutes and foundations state support for research. This work aimed to study the access of students covered by programs of Scientific Initiation IFG the Portal of Journals by CAPES in their scientific research and investigate the influence of access in their academic training. The research was carried out by means of research of the documents relating to procedures for the selection of projects of scientific initiation since the first year of creation to the present days and the application of a questionnaire qualitative-quantitative 39 students who participated in
scientific initiation programs of IFG.


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Indexing, Scientific Societies and Directories

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